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Why Tree Trimming Is Important

Why Tree Trimming Is Important

Trees provide so many benefits such as provide shades from the sun, beautification, fresh air and so on. People get so wrapped up by the benefits of trees in their homes, that they forget that trees ought to be maintained.

One of the ways to maintain a tree is by trimming it. Tree trimming involves cutting off overgrown parts of a tree. It can be a branch that is growing too long or a root that is expanding onto the pavement. If you fail to trim your tree, the overgrown branches can turn out to be problematic, killing off the benefits of having a tree. Other reasons to trim your tree include:

  • Safety

Trees seem harmless enough, but failure to trim a tree can put your safety and the safety of your loved ones in jeopardy. During unfavorable weather conditions such as strong winds and torrential downpours, the branches can easily get broken. This can fall on a car or on a person close to the tree at that time. Also, dry twigs can quickly catch on fire when it gets too hot. This can lead to damage of property or loss of lives if it escalates. Trimming a tree rids it of dead and dry twigs.

  • Pedestrian comfort

Overgrown trees tend to present problems to pedestrians. When your untrimmed tree has long branches which stray on to sidewalks, pedestrians might experience difficulty walking past the front of your house. Based on the fact that the house is not theirs, they might not be able to make complaints to you about it. Trimming your tree can ensure the safety of pedestrians and also spare them discomforts.

  • Prevent tree decay

Trimming your tree helps keep your tree healthy and prevent it from decaying. If a tree has any dead object inside of it for an extended period, it can cause your tree to decay, taking away all the benefits you get from it. When you trim your tree, you can easily spot and dead matter and dispose of it. Trimming a tree also involves cutting off dead parts of the tree.

  • Stimulate better growth

Just like so many other things, to provide an opportunity for new branches and fruits to grow, it is essential to cut off old parts of a tree. When you trim your tree, you cut off old branches. This allows new branches to grow, providing you with fresh branches and leaves with better fruits.

  • Prolongs tree life

Trees naturally last for a very long time, but when you fail to trim your tree, there can be some occurrences which will lead to the demise of the tree. For example, twigs can catch on fire and burn down the tree, and decayed matter can cause the entire tree to decay.

For the safety of you and your loved ones and a long tree lifespan, tree trimming is essential. For proper tree trimming, you can hire trained professionals to trim your tree.

5 DIY Fence Installation Mistakes To Avoid

5 DIY Fence Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Since man first surfaced on the face of the earth, one of his primary concerns has been the need for secure habitation – shelter. Over the years, mankind has developed elaborate technology and structures to help him live in fully organized and integrated societies. That lead to greater productivity and a sense of satisfaction. The process of earmarking the piece of this society that belongs to a person. This is often achieved through fencing and some people prefer to DIY their fences, while others don’t.

However, when you embark on a DIY fence installation, be sure to be on the lookout and to avoid the following mistakes.

Inadequate Planning

As the popular saying goes “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. No one should even consider executing a DIY fence installation without adequately researched and detailed planning. Admiring someone else’s fence often misleads people into believing fencing is all about digging in wooden or aluminum stakes into the ground. Where in essence, it is an art and a craft all by itself. Some spend years studying how to build complex fence networks. So, before you spend a dime on building materials or resources. This ensures you digest ample resources available online and plan adequately.

Ignoring the peculiarities of your property

This includes having a detailed layout of your estate to know where your property boundaries terminate. As well as avoid being sued for infringement on someone else’s property. Knowing the peculiarities of your property also enables you to know where can be fenced. Where should not be fenced and where can be fenced especially. Geographical features such as slopes or streams are fence professionally as opposed to the easily DIY-able flat surfaces on your property.

Assuming your property is virgin or doesn’t contain delicate utility lines

One of the easiest ways to waste money while fencing your property is to make this assumption and choose not to call the utility agency for their blueprint. Not only would it be a costly endeavor for you to move your fence and repair the utility conduit, in some instances, it can be fatal. An example of this is running an aluminum fence without consulting the utility agency and setting your poles on a gradually wearing live cable. This can lead to loss of lives through electrocution during instances such as rainfall.

Unprofessional Post setting method

Given the fact that your post would be exposed to the elements 24/7. You want to ensure that it has the right amount of structural support and buttress. This is achieved by ensuring your posts are a minimum of two feet in the ground and allowed to set optimally before the rails are placed on them to prevent wobbling.

No buffer zone

This refers to the act of placing your fence posts one or two feet away from the closest structure. This enables easy access to the fence from either of its sides. However, most DIY fence installing homeowners chose to ignore this rule in view of creating more space in their yard. After a while though, the majority of them regret setting their fence in such an unprofessional way.

If this is not your thing. You need to look into using a fence contractor. Do your research and make sure they can complete the project.

Things You Should Know About Air Conditioner Repair

Things You Should Know About Air Conditioner Repair

All of us must have gone through a time when our air conditioners had gone on repair, and if you happen to live in a place where the sun is at its peak outside, you might really know how to fix your air conditioners. As the owner of the property, you need to make sure that the air conditioner is functioning all the time. Here is a brief overview of all the basic information you should know about air conditioner repair.

Changing the filter:

Having a dirty filter can make reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. If you are using the AC every day, then you will have to replace the filter every month. If you happen to have a washable type, then you have to clean them instead of replacing them. You can check the reporting value and as the value goes higher, the better the filtration you get.

Fixing leaks:

Most of us have come across this situation where our AC starts to leak. Due to the leaks, your ducts can lose the airflow. If you happen to have a window AC, it can be quite tough to seal the leak. You can use foil tape to seal all the small gaps that are present.


Setting the timer:

No one loves to sit in the cold and do anything. We love staying cool on warm days but when the temperature keeps decreasing it makes it unpleasant to do anything. Thus, it is very important to set the timer, and after your air conditioner reaches a particular temperature, the AC automatically cuts down cooling the room. If something happens to the auto timer in your AC, you might want to call a technician who can fix it.

Keep the ducts insulated:

If you happen to have your ducts in hot attics, then you will have to find a way to keep them cool. You can either spray foam on them or wrap them nicely so that the air inside it is kept cool. You can also use batt insulation or use rigid foam insulation to keep the ducts insulated.

Condenser maintenance:

You can find the condenser of your air conditioner outside your house. You need to make sure that it is kept 24 inches away from anything on all directions and also try to get rid of any plants or shrubs that might be near it.

Keep the shades down:

During the day, you can consider keeping the shades down so that you can extend the life of your AC. You can also install shades to protect your windows from the scorching sun.

Have your cleaning and maintenance scheduled:

It is better to have to have your AC cleaned and maintained at least once a year. You can call up your dealer and ask for a technician who can clean up your AC and check if everything is alright.

Then next thing you will need to do is look at outside maintains that needs done. Pressure washing your driveway will help to see what condition your driveway is in.


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